Nick Maglio

Game Designer

UI Designer

Video Artist

2D Animation Demo Reel

Full Animations

In this animation, I practice parallax with an abstracted cityscape that I created in Photoshop.

In this animation, I brought a flour sack to life by giving it a walk cycle and attempting to display emotion in a featureless face.

In this animation, I experiment with sound design and minimal animation to create the feel of a busy city from a distance.

In this animation, I experiment with removing a background from an existing piece of media and abstracting the existing foreground.

In this animation, I practiced making an unorthodox walk cycle for a humanoid surveillance robot.

Following the popularity of Undertale, I made a fan animation of what Bob Ross would be like if he was an Undertale boss fight.

In this animation, I attempt to bring both a katana and a paint bucket to life. I do this by giving the katana natural movements and by giving the paint bucket an exaggerated reaction to being descended on by the katana.