Nick Maglio

Game Designer

UI Designer

Video Artist

3D Animation and Modeling

A preview of monsters and their essence for my personal game
Squirrel board game pieces in the style of Root
A wind farm with a stylized background
A futuristic medical camp
A futuristic residential neighborhood
A futuristic outpost
Posing practice with a premade asset
Posing practice with a premade asset

Full Animations

A large-group project that combines both 2D animation and 3D animation. I worked on some of the animations for the robot guardian, as well as a majority of the project planning in the first half of its development. Animated in Blender.

Some animations for my 3D monster models (which I rigged) for my game that I am developing. These are not final animations, but many of them will end up in the final game. Animated/rendered in Blender.

Animations that I created with a premade and rigged model to personify a theoretical character for a theoretical RPG. Animated in Maya, recorded in Unreal.

I animated this asset for Virtual Plant, a game where you interact with a sentient plant. I had to demonstrate human emotion via plant parts. Animated/rendered with Blender.

This is a walk cycle that I created with a pre-made asset. Animated/rendered with Maya.

Here are a few animations of balls bouncing. Animated/rendered with Maya.