Nick Maglio

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Grapple Fisher DX: A platformer and fishing game using a custom controller to grapple and fish. I did all of the programming for the game and the controller as well as the sound design and UI design. Play it on

Power Grid: A real-time grid-based combat game using environmentally positive energy sources as weapons against the forces of Chaos. I did all of the programming and music, as well as a majority of the UI design. Play it on

Liminal Station: An exploration into liminal spaces, using an abandoned gas station as a location. It also explores putting the player into a game with very few mechanics, and seeing how little interaction can cause a player to wish to continue exploring. This was a solo project developed in Unity.

Song of the Sielka: A real-time action linear exploration game where the player combines aspects of spells to create powerful, combined spells and unique party member combinations. I was the team lead, lead programmer, video artist, sound designer, and composer for this project.

Flow of Vitae: A bullet hell prototype where the player must sacrifice power in some areas to gain power in others. Players must weigh the importance of each ability before opting to move their stat points around. I was the team lead, lead programmer, and 3D artist. Play it on

What They Left for Us: A narrative driven experimental game that deals with themes of climate change. This game has no end state, and allows for players to share their progress with others through a unique password system. I was the programmer for the bubble image system and the 2D artist for the bubbles. Play it on

[Untitled]: My personal unnamed project. I've been developing procedural generation and working on building a team-building roguelite. Everything in this video is something that I made myself. Built in Unity, models made with Blender.

B.R.Y.C.E: A narrative-driven, choice-based exploration of an underground research compound, in which the player does tasks for a peculiar AI. I was the programmer (Unreal Engine 4), animator, narrative designer, and level/lighting designer.

Worm Sim: A mechanical worm finds itself stripped of its abilties, and needs to reclaim its power by helping insects. I was the programmer (Unity) and the level designer.

Tower Defense: A turn-based tower defense game entirely playable in the C++ console. I was the sole developer in this game, and I used Visual Studio.

Super Broke: The Daily Planet wants to write an article defaming Superman, and Clark Kent gets laid off. As a result, Clark (as Superman) decides to raise money for a lawsuit by becoming a street performer. I was a programmer (Phaser 3) and designer for this game.

Virtual Plant: A linear exploration game revolving around taking care of a sentient plant and investigating the desolate environment. I was a programmer (Unity), level/enemy AI designer, and animator for this game.

This Game Loves You: A board game based on abusive relationships and gameifying discomfort. I was a designer and narrative co-designer for this game.