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The Bass

The Bass is the most common of the fish, This fish is found in The Garden and in Fort Glub. It's iconic appearance led to it becoming the mascot for Grapple Fisher DX.

The Zombiefish

The Zombiefish had historically been hard to document. It had only been seen at nighttime; however, recent fishermen have reported seeing this fish in The Garden and in Fort Glub.

The Friendfish

The Friendfish loves to be caught. Many fishermen have documented giggling and squealing after catching it. It's lesser-known cousin, the Fiendfish, has allegedy been fighting for territory in the Abyss, but not in the Garden.

The Robotfish

The Robotfish is a miracle of technology - a solar-powered robotic fish that is impervious to water. It's shiny body seems to ward off predators, and is typically found in The Garden and The Abyss.

The Swordfish

Similarly common to the bass, the Swordfish is prevalent in two locales - Fort Glub and The Abyss. Some fishermen claim to have heard something about bringing a sword to a fish fight.

The Clownfish

The Clownfish is a sign of misfortune. Many fishermen have recorded difficulty catching fish after discovering a clownfish. Fortunately, it's only been found in The Abyss.

The Icefish

The Icefish is a close cousin to the Friendfish, despite its slippery nature. The Icefish has a sub-zero blood temperature, which prevents it from melting. It is found in The Abyss.

The Blobfish

The Blobfish is a miracle of nature. Taking on the appearance of its depressurized self, it defies the laws of nature by continuing to survive. It is only found in The Abyss.


The Garden

In this massive, sprawling grouping of nature-y islands, many varieties of fish thrive. The Bass is found in a small pond at the beginning denoted by a large obelisk. The Zombiefish can be found in a small, sandy pond to the left after escaping the planter boxes. The Friendfish can be found in the fountain near the sandy pond. The Robotfish can be found in a massive pond in the last island.


Fort Glub

While Fort Glub boasts a smaller roster of fish, its multitude of semi-flooded towers has created a fisherman's paradise. Bass can be found right at the beginning. Swordfish can be found in the first and last towers. Zombiefish can be found in a small pond in the second tower. Rumor has it that a giant Robotfish can be found in a massive pond, but it has yet to be found...


The Abyss

The Abyss has the most unique varieties of fish, while also having the most treacherous terrain. Friendfish can be found in two ponds right at the start. Icefish can be found on the first island and second islands. Swordfish can be found in a small pond on top of the mine. Clownfish can be found in the bottom of the mine. Blobfish can be found in the furthest depths of the locale.

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Grapple Fisher DX is a 3D fishing platformer primarily developed to be played with beer and a custom fishing rod controller. Alternatively, you can play with mouse and keyboard controls listed on the beer label snippet attached below.